Do I have to bring a partner?
  • no partner is required
  • but you are welcome to come with a partner or friend
  • we swap partners during class
What do I wear to class?
  • our dress code is “smart casual”
  • you will warm up during class, especially in the summer
  • wear shoes you can do a spin in
  • avoid spiked heels and tight clothing
  • ensure you smell nice and have fresh breath
  • more at Elements of dance etiquette

When do I start?
  • you can start any time!
  • at beginner level we teach a new routine each time
  • others in the class are very supportive of new people joining
  • your teacher will keep an eye out for you
  • call us if you have any reservations or questions
How do classes work?
  • we start with a gentle warm-up
  • you then partner up
  • we talk you through one ‘move’ at a time
  • later we put some music on
  • generally you learn four moves in a beginner class
What dance experience do I need?
  • you do not need any dance experience
  • our classes are designed for those with two left feet
  • the teacher is trained to assess how the material is being absorbed and respond accordingly
  • if you have dance experience please try a beginner class first and discuss with your teacher
What is freestyle?
  • freestyle is dancing ‘off the cuff’
  • the man is leading the woman through a series of ‘moves’ at random
  • you are invited to our freestyle and party nights nationwide
  • you can join a Ceroc branch email network for info on upcoming events or visit our events page
Moving up to the next level
  • please attend ten to fifteen beginner classes first
  • you must master timing, cross pressure, lead / follow and for the girls, spins
  • ask your teacher about getting an assessment
  • attend a ‘moving up workshop’ first
  • to enter advanced classes you must be a confident freestyler, master double-speed spins and some drops
When can I enter competitions?
  • fun regional competitions are held across the country for any level dancer to enter
  • check with the organisers about entry
Eight safety tips for Ceroc dancers
  1. the floor is for dancing, walk around the edge of the dance floor rather than trying to thread your way through the dancers
  2. take off sharp rings, bracelets, hair pieces and keep your nails short
  3. if you are sharing, learning or practicing new moves, do it off to the side of the dance floor
  4. if the dance floor is crowded, do not take up excessive space or travel from area to area, look around and behind you so you don’t crash into others
  5. air steps (aerials) & lifts are for competitions and performances only and are banned from the social dance floor, never lift without permission
  6. do not drink and dance, if you have had too much to drive, you’ve had too much to dance
  7. make sure your breath is fresh and use a deodorant
  8. manage your wellbeing; drink plenty of liquids at long sessions, wear suitable shoes and check out our first aid kit for minor injuries